“Doesn’t matter where you are there are great entrepreneurs and ideas everywhere….” Michelle Messina, Ceo of Explora International – SiliconValley, USA. Caribbean BETA Keynote speaker in 2011.

Caribbean BETA – is the annual Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship conference.

It’s a conference where the smartest Caribbean minds in technology, creative industries and business come to show and tell how they are using the internet, mobile and social to solve problems, create opportunities and change the world.

They come to also learn from industry pioneers and fresh faces, thought leaders and technology giants from Caribbean and around the world, plus have fun connecting to peer talent, funding and opportunities they need to launch their startups and thrive.


2012 Conference Theme

The 2012 theme for Caribbean BETA is The Business of the Internet- Mobile. Social. Consumer driven – Where are the opportunities?

We will show and tell the entrepreneurial opportunities the internet, mobile and social platforms have to offer through exciting keynotes and panels. In addition to the many more that exist when you integrate technology with other industries such as creative industries and government.



-Aspiring & Current Tech Entrepreneurs who want to generate and showcase big tech-driven ideas and connection with like minds and investors
- Business and Organisations who want to understand trends and learn about opportunities


Caribbean BETA is also home to the largest tech entrepreneur startup contest in the region, called BETA PITCHFest. Aspiring and current entrepreneurs form teams and pitch their tech-driven ideas or prototypes for angel and venture capitalists who want to mentor and fund them. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of the conference.

Startup BootCamp

On the second day of the conference, there is a Startup Bootcamp – all day workshops for aspiring and current entrepreneurs to meet, listen, work and learn to move forward in launching and growing their tech-driven startup.

The Tech Entrepreneurship conference is focused on creating more success stories coming out of the Caribbean Tech Industry.
It is held every November during Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kingston, Jamaica- the Vibes and Cultural of Jamaica.


Mission of Caribbean BETA

Caribbean BETA’s mission is to increase the number of successful Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups. To ignite a boom in Startups that helps the Caribbean become a region of innovation nations.
We’re helping to build out an ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and fosters economic growth in the Caribbean.

Top 5 Objectives of Caribbean BETA
1. Increase the entrepreneurial success stories and startups in the Caribbean Tech Industry.
2. Identify entrepreneurship opportunities in ICT and ICT integration in other industries.
3. Build capacity in ICT entrepreneurship through training, competitions and collaborative projects online and offline.
4. Bring Industry leaders and experts from Silicon Valley and other global Hot Spots in Tech around to speak to, train, partner and support Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs.
5. To Promote Tech Entrepreneurship as a driver for Tech innovation, Startups and Job Creation.

We Believe

-We believe that Tech Entrepreneurship can and must become a major driver of startups, jobs and innovation in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.
-We believe we will give to the world the technology equivalent of Usain Bolt and Bob Marley.
-We believe that we can create Caribbean technology millionaires and billionaires who change their countries and the world with their great ideas.

Produced By

Caribbean BETA is staged by ConnectiMass,  a social venture focused on driving tech entrepreneurship in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. It provides marketing, media, training, events and business development to current and aspiring tech entrepreneurs who want to launch successful technology-based products, startups and initiatives.

Connect With Us
Website: www.CaribbeanBeta.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/caribbeanbeta
Twitter : @caribbeanbeta


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